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    How we Cleared $4,143 Debt and Increased our Investments in May 2021 (Net Worth Update)

    This month we focused on clearing a couple of smaller debts and redoing our budget. Much to our delight, it helped a lot with both our finances and mindset.

    Last month I shared our net worth for the first time. It was a little scary putting it out there but I am excited to track it. Some of our assets were hard to define and still are which means they will be added in properly later. Here are our debts/liabilities and assets compared to last month.

    April Debts

    Custody debt $9,000
    Visa debt $6,000
    Personal loan $12,000
    Cash debt $600
    Cash debt $500
    School debt $900

    Total: $29,000

    May Debts

    Custody debt $8,225
    Visa debt $5,225
    Personal loan $11,407

    Total: $24,857

    How we Cleared $4,143 of Debt in a Month

    As you can see, we cleared a couple of smaller debts plus knocked a bit off our larger debts. We were not as strict as we could have been this month as we had a few larger expenses. One daughter needed a new laptop which was $1,300.

    Sports gear, registrations, a school camp and some celebrations were another $2,000. We won’t restrict these though as we enjoy our lifestyle.

    To get the $4,143 we did a combination of extra freelance writing for me and some odd jobs for Mr Aspiring Millionaire. He’s a hard worker and it’s been easy to pick up some regular gigs. We do declare all our income.

    Image taken in Vanuatu of our favourite area which is 10 minutes from our family and our properties.

    Increasing Assets

    Last month I couldn’t give a completely accurate account because we still need some of our retirement accounts sorted. Also, the properties in Vanuatu aren’t going to be valued for a while nor are the businesses. However, at the moment, here is a rough estimate based on various factors.

    Property: $600,000
    Business 1: $70,000
    Business 2: ?
    Business 3: $3,000
    Spaceship: $679.85
    Coinspot: $209
    Raiz: $40
    Retirement: ?

    Total: $673,928.85

    Our Total Net Worth: $649,071

    As you can see from the numbers above, our net worth is going well. I can’t wait to get our retirements sorted to know exactly what they are as well as expand the businesses.

    The breakdown of our assets are the 3 properties in Vanuatu (and right now, the rental from those goes to support the family in Vanuatu). Business 1 took a hit last year, reducing the income and value. At the moment, we are slowly building that back up again.

    Business 2 is in Vanuatu. Right now, it isn’t producing any income as it is paused due to borders being closed. It’s a tourism based business which we owe nothing on but will likely need to invest some money into when borders open or are close to opening to get it running smoother.

    Business 3 is small and not doing much, however, I was recently offered $3,000 for it. I used to do more with it and have decided to build it a little then sell it.

    How we Increased our Assets

    Increasing our assets was not a focus for us this month but we did manage to invest a little more in shares. We also decided to experiment with crypto a little as you can get $10 FREE Bitcoin here. We figured a small amount is a good way to test our risk tolerance with crypto.

    After the initial free $10, we got an unexpected $150 so I put that in too. Currently, our crypto is worth $209.

    At the moment, we are using Spaceship. You can get a $5 bonus with the code S8ONS71M9X here.

    Our retirement funds are proving harder to get sorted than I thought. Mr Aspiring Millionaire knew it would take ages as he has had to do so much with the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu before. So this is something we are still working on.

    Property in Vanuatu has remained steady and right now we are not in a position to do much. In the future, we will be developing the properties more.

    Doubling Money to be a Millionaire

    One of the projects we have with our millionaire and financial freedom goal is doubling our money. If you start with $1 and double it 20 times, you reach over $1,000,000. If you start with $2 it is only 14 times you need to do it and the end result is over $1,600,000.

    Last month, I did my first flip. I bought a book for $2 and resold it for $8. Then, I purchased a dress for $7 and sold it for $20. As there was a ‘spare’ $1 from the first flip, I used that to purchase 2 books and sold them for $5 each.

    Right now, in my doubling money account, I have $30 to use to buy something else to resell. I have been ill so didn’t get a chance to look this week but will be next week.

    What are you doing to reduce debt and increase your net worth?

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  • Net Worth

    Our Net Worth – The Beginning April 2021

    Each month we will share our net worth. Right now, a few things are hard to check or get valued so while this is the beginning of tracking our net worth, some of the figures could be a little off. Also, with our net worth, not all of it can be sold off easily due to cultural expectations or conditions.

    What we Include in our Net Worth

    Net worth is simply your assets minus your liabilities. Some people include ALL their belongings such as cars, home items etc. We won’t be. Here is what will be included:

    For assets, real estate, retirement funds, business, shares and collections. Liabilities include any debt such as mortgages, loans, credit cards, all of it.

    Our goal is financial freedom, not just $1,000,000. The first step is to be worth $1,000,000 each as it is an easy goal to track. Our net worth will not be tracked separately though. Everything is combined below as we are working towards a future together.

    Our Assets

    We have 3 properties in Vanuatu but these cannot be sold. They must remain in the family and our son will inherit them. One has a rental property and the income from that currently goes to support family in Vanuatu. The other two are being used to farm and support family. Combined, these lands are estimated to be worth about $600,000AUD.

    Our businesses need to be valued so I can’t give a rough guide on them as yet. We have had trouble accessing retirement from different countries we lived as well so that will be added once it can be sorted. As for shares, we only have $250 invested right now.

    Our Liabilities

    Combined, our debt is not great. We have a few separate loans and are focusing on one at a time while maintaining minimum repayments on them all.

    Custody debt $9,000
    Visa debt $6,000
    Personal loan $12,000
    Cash debt $600
    Cash debt $500
    School debt $900

    Total: $29,000

    Net Worth

    Once we remove the liabilities from our assets, our net worth isn’t terrible. We have a positive net worth which is the main thing! Our net worth is roughly $571,000AUD. This will be different once the businesses and retirement are sorted.

    Plans For May

    All going well, we will sell a few items which will clear some of the debt. Shares will increase as they are set up to be done automatically. Our budget is being revisited tonight to make a proper plan to include what we want in our lifestyle while achieving our goals.

    We will also be doing some more research on the best way to set things up regarding tax, incomes, investments etc as Mr Aspiring Millionaire will hopefully have a job soon as the residency visa is being applied for this week.