Disclosure Policy

What is a blogger or influencer? Why should you trust me? How do you know I am not just peddling random things?

I feel it is so important you know who I am and where I am coming from. Firstly, everything on this site is done based on experience. The experience of our culturally and linguistically diverse family. It is not professional financial advice.

Ms Aspiring Millionaire has worked as a journalist, has been featured in various media in multiple countries and holds herself to high standards.

Mr Aspiring Millionaire has also lived in numerous countries and adheres to the rules of all those countries. Together, on this site, the whole family is conscious of being authentic, honest and transparent about our finances.

None of us are qualified financial advisors but between us we have had successful businesses, media appearances and a super fun lifestyle. Our lifestyle has involved travel, diving, hiking, living in different countries, remote income and lots of flexibility with our family.

The three biggest mottos or guidelines for our family are:

Family first, always.

Approach everything with love.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This means, our lifestyle, our writing, our business, all of it is done with a family first mindset and total honesty. We wouldn’t want anyone recommending random stuff or not being honest with us, so we won’t do it to you!

So here is how that applies to this blog


Based on our other sites, we will at some point be offered freebies. We will ALWAYS let you know when we have gotten something for free. Our opinion will be unbiased, even if something was free. Brands cannot expect a positive review or promotion simply because they gave us free stuff. It’s just not how we work.

However, if brands want a completely honest review from a family which has multiple cultures, ages and views, then we can do that.

Affiliate Links

If there is an affiliate link for a product or service we use personally, then we will use the affiliate link. We will not link to anything we don’t personally use. It is important to us we can answer any questions about a product or service based on our experience and do so honestly.

Affiliate links are links which we get a small percentage from if you click on them and buy the item or service we are recommending. On our other sites, we’ve had numerous businesses try to get us to use their affiliate links but we will only use those for things we love.

Sponsored Post

If we do a sponsored post, you will know. It will be marked as sponsored with #sponsored in the headline. A disclosure statement will be in the article and a link to this disclosure policy.

Again, we will only allow sponsored posts from brands we use. If we cannot personally endorse or talk about a product or service, it won’t feature on the site.

For Brands

If you want to work with us, we are open to it and potentially can discuss package options including our other sites.

Contact us here.