From $2 to Millionaire

How to go from $2 to Millionaire by Flipping Items

I posted about how if you double your money with each flip, you get to over $1,000,000 in 20 steps. Which makes it seem extremely simple. Some flips will be harder than others to double your money. Here is where I share exactly what we have done and link to every post about what I flipped, how I flipped it and the progression from $2 to millionaire.

Double 1: $2 Book sold for $8

I purchased The Barefoot Investor for $2 at an op shop and sold it for $8. With that $8 I bought a $7 dress and 2 books. Read about that here.

Double 2: $7 Dress sold for $20 plus 2 books for $10

With the $8, I purchased a Cue dress and sold it for $20 as well as 2 books for $1 and sold them for $5 each. I shared that plus tips for reselling clothing here.

Double 3: Facebook Ads and Refer a Friend

The $30 had me stumped for a bit then I remembered the challenge wasn’t necessarily finding items to flip. The $2 to $1,000,000 challenge was about doubling my money. I turned $30 into $60 within 24 hours using a refer a friend code and a Facebook ad. $60 was made quickly but the total amount made I won’t know for a few weeks as it is all processed. Plus Facebook gave me $30 ad credit if I spent $15 so I got that extra bonus.

Double 4: eBook

Creating an eBook produced another stream of income but also enabled me to go from $60 to $120 easily. Check out how to create an eBook for details.

With the success of the first few, I am replicating them. I even found the book I bought for $2 before for 50c and listed that today. So rather than just doubling my money, I am also creating multiple streams of income.