$2 to $1,000,000 Updates

$2 to Millionaire: How I Doubled my Money While Juggling Kids, Moving House and the Festive Season

Steps 11 and 12 of my $2 to Millionaire Challenge: Turning $7,680 into $31,570

I haven’t updated my $2 to $1,000,000 challenge in a while. This challenge is about doubling my money, starting with $2, repeatedly until I reach over $1,000,000.

Updates were paused partially because I have been busy but also because I didn’t know how to describe this one. I started to write it a few months ago but only posted it now.

Sometimes when selling a business or website, there is a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) in place which means I can’t share the details. Which is what happened with this one.

As such, I took some time to complete this step and the next one, which also has an NDA. Below I will share the limited details I can.

Finding Time to Make Money

Having 4 kids here, moving house right before Christmas, one kid in robotics (HUGE time commitment), sports and other things the family needs means the past few months have been hectic.

How did I find the time to do anything? It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure.

I applied everything I learned from Life Admin Hacks and kept telling myself this is a stage of life. A stressful stage, but only a stage.

Getting my kids to help by applying insourcing to the home and outsourcing a few things freed up some of my time too.

In my experience, we tend to find the time and money for things that really matter to us. My kids come first so most of my time went to them and their needs the past few years, while my projects waited.

Including this challenge and site. I had to put it on the sidelines while doing everything else in my personal life.

Now, I finally have the time to update things and be more focused.

How to Have the Headspace to Make Money

Time is one thing but how can you focus on making money when so much else is going on? The truth is, I couldn’t.

It was overwhelming, I felt like a taxi driver, a maid, and everything else. I completely lost myself and it wasn’t good for anyone.

Fortunately, I have systems in place for some of the things I do to make money. If I didn’t, it all would have fallen completely apart in recent years with all the things we’ve had to deal with.

What helps me be in the right headspace?

Knowing My Ideal Outcome

Being clear on my goals, the systems to achieve those goals and knowing the exact outcome I want. My kids and I are close, so my ideal outcome for anything is usually tied to our freedom and flexibility. Being able to spend time with them and have incredible experiences is important to me.

Having Systems

As mentioned, I have systems. Things don’t always run smoothly but the more you can automate or systemize something, the easier it is to do. Without systems, it would be like starting from scratch each time I tried to do something.


We can’t do everything ourselves, no matter what supermums might have you believe. Everyone has a limit and I was over my capacity for too long.

I know what needed to be outsourced but wasn’t always able to do it quickly. Fortunately, I finally got childcare for my younger two earlier this year so now I can pursue things I have had on the back burner.

I wrote about outsourcing here and how much it helps.

How I Doubled My Money

I know what you really want to know is how did I double my money and how can you do it too? As mentioned, there are NDA’s around these ones. Buying and selling or creating and selling is something I have enjoyed for years but with the 2 new babies (2021 and 2022) it has been harder to do.

With these, it’s not exactly doubling my money. Only a small portion of the money was used and I more than doubled my investment. Check out the article I wrote about building and selling websites.

What’s Next?

Recently, I set a goal to write a book a month. Books were one of the things I did earlier to double my money and while it won’t be specific to this challenge, these books will form another income stream and obviously take up some of my time.

In terms of doubling the $31,570, it’s already in play. On our next trip to Vanuatu, we will review it all and then I will be able to share what’s happening with it.

Check out the $2 to $1,000,000 updates here.