Net Worth

June Net Worth Update

How we Increased our Net Worth by $7,441.22

We started tracking our net worth in April. After a rough year last year, we needed a focus to get back on track. Our net worth is separate from the challenge I am doing turning $2 into $1,000,000 by doubling my money.

You know those months where it seems you have high bills, then things break and you have to replace them so it feels like you are not making any headway financially. That was this month.

Devices needed repairing, some big birthdays and a few things for education cut into what we were able to put towards debt. But those things save us long term and the birthdays were worth it.

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Starting Point

April 2021 we had a net worth of $649,071. This was comprised of a few debts reducing our net worth as well as property and some investments increasing our net worth.

May Debts

Custody debt $8,225
Visa debt $5,225
Personal loan $11,407

Total: $24,857

June Debts

Custody debt $8,075
Visa debt $5,075
Personal loan $6,831.78

Total: $19,981.78

You can see we are focused on the personal loan. This loan has interest, the others do not so it makes sense to clear it asap. However, while we are clearing it, there is a plan to redraw it for education later this year depending on how much we save or have elsewhere.

May Assets

Property: $600,000
Business 1: $70,000
Business 2: ?
Business 3: $3,000
Spaceship: $679.85
Coinspot: $209
Raiz: $40
Retirement: ?

Total: $673,928.85

June Assets

Property: $600,000
Business 1: $72,000
Business 2: $ ?
Business 3: $3,300
Spaceship: $865.05
Coinspot: $282
Raiz: $47.07
Retirement: ?

Total: $676,494.12

The value of our small businesses increased slightly. Our debt decreased as planned which was good and my millionaire project is continuing well.

Total Net Worth $656,512.22

This is an increase of $7,441.22 in the 2 months we have been tracking and more focused which we are ecstatic about. Also in that time, we sorted residency for my partner (which took all my time and effort for 1 month).

How we Increased our Assets

I was sick as were the kids for 2 weeks making it a little harder. However, the focus was on reselling items (learn how to do that here) and being consistent with business 1. We continued with crypto a little and you can get $10 FREE Bitcoin here. I don’t think my heart could handle large amounts in crypto yet but it has been interesting.

At the moment, we are using Spaceship. You can get a $10 bonus with the code S8518DLV20 here. We are doing micro-investing for now as we are focused on building our businesses and clearing debt. Mr Aspiring Millionaire has some courses to complete then will start working too.

Our retirement funds are proving harder to get sorted than I thought. Mr Aspiring Millionaire knew it would take ages as he has had to do so much with the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu before. So this is something we are still working on.

Property in Vanuatu has remained steady and right now we are not in a position to do much. In the future, we will be developing the properties more.

Doubling Money to be a Millionaire

One of the projects we have with our millionaire and financial freedom goal is doubling our money. If you start with $1 and double it 20 times, you reach over $1,000,000. If you start with $2 it is only 19 times you need to do it and the end result is over $1,600,000.

My first flip was a book for $2 and resold it for $8. Yesterday, I managed to snag another copy this time for 50cents so will be listing that today. It’s not part of the doubling challenge but when I find something that works, I am willing to do it again.

The second flip was a dress purchased for $7 and sold for $20. As there was a ‘spare’ $1 from the first flip, I used that to purchase 2 books and sold them for $5 each. Books are still doing ok for me as I usually get them for 50cents to $2 and can sell for $5 to $10. Most people buy more than one at a time too. Again, not including all the book sales in this challenge but I am going to continue flipping books.

With $30 to double, I became stumped. It seemed so much harder to find something worth $30 to buy and resell. Then I remember, the challenge wasn’t only about flipping, it was about finding ways to double my money. I share how I turned $30 into $60 here but the reality is, I won’t know exactly how much I made from that $30 until next month.

Plans for July

Mr Aspiring Millionaire will be enrolled in a course. The deposit will be paid next month which will likely mean our net worth goes backwards. It’s an investment in our future though.

With the kids on school holidays, I do not anticipate I will have much time to do things. However, my daughters are keen to focus on their businesses as well as their side hustles of reselling. Both make money from their art and have various opportunities I want to help them with.

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