Book Review

Life Admin Hacks: Book Review

How to Save Time, Money and Energy Simplifying Life Admin

Most families are overwhelmed with the amount of life admin we all have. Bills, appointments, activities, birthdays, car maintenance and so on. The list of what needs to be done and when is long. This is where Life Admin Hacks can help. 

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While deciding on books to read to improve my life, I saw Life Admin Hacks and was curious how much time, money and mental headspace it could save me. Reading it, I already did some things but there was definitely room for improvement in our home. 

Life Admin Hacks Overview

A step by step guide to save time and money, reduce the mental load and streamline your life, Life Admin Hacks is a great read for anyone. Each chapter outlines steps to take to drastically change your life admin. 

What is Life Admin?

All those tasks that have to be done from booking the dentist to doing your tax. Our lives are full of tasks and many of these we try to squeeze in between everything or we expect to be able to remember it all, which simply is not possible. 

Sometimes a calendar will be up in the house but most of us don’t use it properly plus that relies on the whole family reading it. More often than not, all these little tasks get dumped on mum. 

Random reminder emails, text messages, mail, all of it has to be sorted, paid for, booked in and remembered. With so much happening, it can be easy to miss things which can cost you money. Trying to juggle it all is stressful and costs us time.

What Does Life Admin Hacks Cover?

I was genuinely amazed at how thorough they are in Life Admin Hacks covering everything from doctors appointments through to Christmas. Every area of your budget, every area of your life you have to make a decision for, it is all covered.

Each chapter covers a section, outlines what to do and has a guide about how much time/money etc it will save you. Plus at the end of the chapter there is a handy SOS list with the steps of what to do in a short format.

Life Admin Hacks is the sort of book that is easy to read and easy to implement. Make sure you take the time to do each thing as you read about it or you will forget.

As such, this is the sort of book you need to dedicate time for. Even 10 minutes at a time will often be enough to read the chapter and implement at least some of the tips immediately to make your life run smoother.

What did I Implement from Life Admin Hacks?

With 4 kids, our life can be hectic and it is always left to me to book everything, do the budget, organise our lives etc. It gets exhausting especially as I also do the bulk of the childcare, run a business and do other things. 

As I said, some of it I already did but it was good to get a reminder and the other tips were great to implement. 

Digital Calendar

I semi did this for a few years but no one else used it properly and I didn’t always remember to add everything in. By scheduling things in properly and reminding the family to use it, admin tasks got a lost easier. 

Form Data List

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. All those details we get asked for forms in one place makes forms so much easier to do. When I was processing Mr Aspiring Millionaire’s residency visa I had a few files like this as there was so much we had to do that felt repetitive. 

It was fantastic having a file with all the details from our passports, licences and qualifications through to tax file numbers and more. Every time I had to complete a form or do a call it was all easy to find. 

For some reason, even though I did it for the visa, I didn’t think to apply it to the rest of my life. Now I have, it has reduced a lot of the time I wasted looking for these details. 

Book Everything In Advance

I used to do this for everything from my standing beautician appointment to my car service. Every time I did one appointment, I booked the next. In the case of monthly appointments such as my beautician, I’d book the year in advance because I liked my beautician. Occasionally I had to reschedule but that was rare.

With the car service, I’d book for 6 months so I knew it would be taken care of. Also, with my driving, road trips and things, I usually did 10,000kms in that time.

Having these appointments locked in made it easy to budget and I didn’t have to remember to book them as they were done ahead of time.

Time Blocking

Years ago, when it was my older two kids and I, time blocking was my friend. Monday to Friday when they were at school, I had coffee with a friend every morning then worked the rest of the day. Saturdays was cleaning, yardwork etc. Sundays I cooked, a lot. I made muffins for school lunches and used up whatever we had to make things such as soup for the freezer on those nights I didn’t want to cook.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I had gym or dance class. Once a month I went to the beautician. Every morning I had 2 hours blocked to meditate, journal, get ready etc. Basically, do my billionaire morning routine with 1 hour of it being yoga and meditation.

Once we started travelling full time then when I got pregnant with my son and soon after another daughter, things changed. My time blocking disappeared completely.

Bringing it back has been amazing. Sunday nights we have an abundance meeting (budget meeting), Monday mornings I dedicate an hour to any and all paperwork, phone calls, booking appointments etc.

These two changes alone have been amazing. Everything else, such as my work, beauty routine etc has to be juggled around the kids, their activities and nap time right now. That will change once I have a 7 seater car and some childcare.

Is Life Admin Hacks Worth it?

Honestly, I didn’t think I would learn much but now, I think everyone needs to read and apply all of it. It’s THE best guide you can find to streamline your life, gain back hours of your time and be more organised. Reduce your mental load and spend more time focused on things you enjoy by reading and applying Life Admin Hacks.

Not a lot of books make my “must read” list. Life Admin Hacks is one I will be recommending to everyone.