Make Money

We have a pretty flexible lifestyle and multiple income streams. It is easier than ever to do this now. Here are some of the ways we make money.

Online Surveys

We’ve been doing these for a while, usually only when waiting for something such as the doctors or at school pick up. Octopus Group makes the most money for us and is the highest paid in Australia. Our next highest paying is Swagbucks followed by PrizeRebel.

Buy Things to Resell

This is the base for one of our millionaire income streams. Buying things to resell because if you double your money with it, you can become a millionaire relatively quickly! Our first item was a book we bought for $2 and resold for $8. Previously, I’ve made thousands doing this. There is a great guide here on how to do it which I followed.

Bank Bonuses

These are minimal but every amount counts! Get $5 from Up Bank as soon as you join. Up is a fee-free online-only bank in Australia. Another online bank, 86 400 gives $10 when you sign up with the code S7VL6WF.


I own other blogs and make a full-time income. I’ve also bought and resold blogs for 10 to 20 times what I paid for them. Being passionate about writing and finance, it has been easy to make money blogging. If there is a topic you have expertise on or enjoy writing about, blogging could work.

There is a full guide here on how to make money blogging.

Freelance Writing

Another favourite income of mine, freelance writing typically makes me $150+ per article. It does require skill, a nice portfolio and some networking. Most of my work has been pitched to me so I rarely have to seek out work. I’ll create a full guide on how to make money freelance writing soon.

Random Tasks

Airtasker has been great for odd gigs, as has Facebook and community noticeboards. Everything from delivering flyers to repairing a boat. Delivering flyers we enjoyed because we listened to podcasts while walking around areas we wanted to live in and got paid for it instead of paying for a gym membership.

Gardening, cleaning, moving items and home repairs were all commonly requested for Mr Aspiring Millionaire. As for myself, Ms Aspiring Millionaire, I did social media marketing, consults and other remote work in my area of expertise.