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We Should All Be Millionaires: Book Review

We Should All Be Millionaires is a Must-Read Book for Everyone

With BIPOC daughters, this hit home for us. We Should All Be Millionaires provides an incredible mix of statistics, history and advice. The world is changing and thank goodness it is. We are better positioned than ever before but too many women are underselling themselves, undervaluing themselves and still carry the bulk of the work in the home.

Here is what we learnt and loved about We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers.

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Broke Ass Decisions vs Million Dollar Decisions

Every day we make multiple decisions. They might not seem like much but each one will either take us closer to millions or further away. What is a Broke Ass Decision (aka BAD)? Doing everything yourself instead of outsourcing. Choosing not to push for a pay rise, choosing not to negotiate your wage, putting others needs before your own, building your partners career instead of your own etc.

For years, women have been made to sit on the sidelines, do everything and taught they need to support their husbands/other people instead of focusing on themselves. Because of this, many of us feel uncomfortable or selfish for going after our own goals, building our own career or business and putting our needs first.

How many men do you know that stop to think, should I do this? Or who put their partners career and lifestyle before their own? They are few and far between. More often than not, the woman is juggling it all while trying to build her life. As a result, many of us make Broke Ass Decisions because we don’t see our value or we were taught being a stay at home mum/helping others/putting others first was more important.

You deserve to have a career and live a life you love. Whatever your goals and dreams are, you deserve to pursue them.

Struggling With Outsourcing?

Mr and Ms Aspiring Millionaire were both raised in heavily religious homes where the woman is supposed to have the babies and care for them. Constantly being told it is our responsibility to “multiply and replenish the earth” aka breed like crazy. As well as women should be stay at home mums, men are to provide etc. It made it hard for us to see a different way.

Interestingly, the idea of having a housegirl (someone to help) is common in Vanuatu. Mr Aspiring Millionaire grew up with that but the cost was tiny in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands compared to Australia. For Ms Aspiring Millionaire, the pressure to be the one to raise the kids and be a stay at home mum was intense. She was single for a long time and the sole provider for her kids but still had the pressure to do it all and be there for them consistently.

Rachel Rodgers helps blow this out of the water. By outlining how expensive it is to do everything yourself, it was an eye-opener for Ms Aspiring Millionaire. While she has outsourced at times, she always felt guilty, especially when it came to the kids.

How to Outsource and Why You Should!

In We Should All Be Millionaires, Rachel Rodgers lists all the things most stay at home mums do or most women do around the home and the value. Most homes have an extremely uneven share of household responsibilities. When you are responsible for thinking about and doing everything from cooking and shopping through to all the appointments, managing anything that needs to be fixed as well as the cleaning etc. You end up emotionally, mentally and physically drained.

Being in that state does not allow room for growth. How can you do your best at work or in your business and grow the family finances if you are wiped out from doing everything.

Household manages get paid upwards of $100,000 a year. Where we live, a nanny would cost $30hr, more for overnight. Personal chefs, cleaners, gardeners all cost. This is the value of a stay at home parent (usually mum). But what if you flipped it?

Ms Aspiring Millionaire has a high earning capacity. Because of the pressure to be the stay at home mum and be there for the kids, she has never worked to her full potential. A few years ago, she did outsource and got help with childcare, cleaning and gardening. This help enabled her to run a company, increase her income, save and be able to provide.

Having that financial stability ensured the time spent with the kids was quality time.

Outsourcing frees up your time and mind. With more time, you can earn more and you can spend more fun time with the family. It isn’t selfish or stupid. It’s essential.

All wealthy families outsource what they can such as cleaning, gardening, some child care, ironing etc.

List the tasks you don’t want to do then start outsourcing them.

Dream Big

We loved the examples of self made millionaires. Having watched Madam CJ Walker’s story on Netflix, the Aspiring Millionaire kids were already motivated. We Should All Be Millionaires has more examples of self-made millionaires but especially ones who are people of colour.

There is no reason you cannot dream big and work towards it. If you are reading this, you were probably born in the USA, Australia or the UK. You were born into privilege and have more options available to you than most of the world. So use your privilege and improve your life. Dream big. You deserve it!

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What we are Changing as a Result of We Should All Be Millionaires

Mr Aspiring Millionaire spent his first marriage working, doing the bulk of the cooking etc while fully supporting his wife’s career. Her career came before anything else and she was away for up to a year at a time studying and pursuing her goals. He is one of the rare ones in this sense.

Ms Aspiring Millionaire achieved great success as a single mother. Her first marriage was abusive, she was not allowed to have goals, dreams and grow. Upon leaving, she changes drastically. During the custody battle, which took 7.5 years, her ex husband used her career and success against her in court, causing her to shrink again.

Together, Mr and Ms Aspiring Millionaire have the same life goals. They each have their own careers they are pursuing and do what they can to enable each other to reach their goals within those careers. Housework such as cooking, cleaning etc is split fairly evenly but every now and then, too much falls onto Ms Aspiring Millionaire’s shoulders.

So here is what is changing as a result of this book.

Proper Work Time for Ms Aspiring Millionaire

Having always worked from home, the proper work hours were not always outlined. Instead, Ms Aspiring Millionaire squeezed her work in around everyone else. As a result, her income stalled. Now, set hours have been established and the kids have been informed not to disturb her.

A Nanny/Help Around the House

We are looking at hiring one in a few months. If we were in Vanuatu or the Solomon Islands, we’d have one already. Once Ms Aspiring Millionaire goes to full time work hours, child care options will be employed so she can work. Our youngest is only 5 months so we aren’t moving on this immediately but it is a definite and is being budgeted in.

Family Calendar

A Google calendar was set up with the meals, who is cooking, date nights, family activities and everything else. This has reduced what Ms Aspiring Millionaire has to remember and reduced the amount of questions about who is doing what and when. All family members can see from their own devices when Mum is working, when different sports are happening, what family activities are planned and when friends might be able to come over.

More Defined Goals

Our goals are clear with some things such as the next step in careers, the dream home etc. However, some of it was wishy washy. Now, we have clearer goals for every member of the family and a more even split with responsibility for various tasks so we can all achieve our personal and family goals.


This is one of the best finance books we’ve read in a long time. It gave us the kick up the butt we needed to make changes, it educated our daughters and is a book we would recommend to everyone. Check out We Should All Be Millionaires and let us know what you think.

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